Who’s in Your Social Circle


Who's in Your Social Circle?

Have you ever heard the phrase that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? This phrase came from the motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Jim Rohn.   

He coined the phrase, but have you ever dug into what that means? 

What about inspecting your social circle?

Let’s Examine


On the surface, it seems fairly obvious and wouldn’t require much thought. 

We can start by making a list of the five people we spend the most time with.

  • Suzy
  • Ted
  • Sam
  • Chris
  • Emma

Great. Now we can list the things we like about them. Followed by the things we aren’t a fan of. A little more challenging, but still pretty straightforward.

Now, how many of us have actually thought about – how does this person make me feel?

Sure, there may be some people on the list that you could go on and on about positively, like a spouse or significant other, a best friend, a close family member, etc. What happens when you get lower on the list? Number 3, 4, and 5?

For some, this could be easy. For others, this may be more difficult. 

It’s difficult being truly honest about whether we have the right people in our inner circle. 

Why is this so important?


Everyone has different goals, motivations, and ambitions. I’m assuming if you are reading this post on a wellness website, you are in the camp of self-improvement.

If we are a motivated individual who is trying to reach certain goals in life and are surrounded by people who are content or coasting, do you think that will make it easier or harder to reach said goals?

Life is hard enough, we have enough adversities, and our goals are already big. We don’t need to be shackled down by people who aren’t supportive and positive.

If we are surrounded by people who are motivating, inspiring, positive, and fill our cups with energy, not only will we be on the road to reaching our full potential, but we are also going to have fun along the way!

What to do?


I’m not proposing you go on a rampage of getting rid of people in your inner circle. What I am suggesting is that you take an honest look at those around you. 

Are they making you better? Do they give you positive energy and fill your cup when you spend time with them? 

What if we looked at it from a fresh perspective? If the people in your inner circle were complete strangers, would you attempt to befriend them and make them a part of it? 

The world is filled with amazing people, we all deserve to surround ourselves with them. 

What about the person in the mirror?


We talked about your inner circle. Now what about being in other people’s inner circle? Are you bringing up the average or dragging it down?

If done correctly, we can all give and take. We can give by being that positive, encouraging, motivating person for others AND surrounding ourselves with the same type of people.

In Summary


Again, this depends on the bigger picture of what you want in life. It’s important to remain genuine to ourselves. We all deserve to have wonderful people in our lives that cheer us on to reach our full potential and make us happy along the way. 

I encourage you to inspect your inner circle AND examine if you are a positive member of others’ inner circles.


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