R & R… And R?

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We’ve all heard of the acronym, R & R or rest and relaxation. But what if there’s a third “R?”

The first two are important – we need to rest our bodies and minds and relax after long stretches of work. This helps us recharge the battery and come back fresh after giving it our all.

But what about this third “R?” 🧐

How many do this on a regular basis? Who sets time aside each day, week, or month to reflect?
It’s not a very common practice in our fast-paced, do more, make more, spend more society.
Reflecting allows us to assess what is going right, wrong, or indifferent in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to slow things down, appreciate all the good things, people, and experiences we’ve had. It helps us identify what isn’t going right (by our own definition) and redirect the metaphoric ship back on course.


How to reflect?

There isn’t a secret method, best practice, or silver bullet here. It’s about finding what works for you. The key is being intentional and carving out time. Even if you only take a few minutes, to slow down, be still, and think.
Some folks like to go on a walk, others like to sit in a quiet space, and others like to journal/document their thoughts. Reflecting is like picking out a pair of new jeans, sometimes you try several pairs on before you find one that fits 😉

Why reflect?

Disregard this if everything is going 100% perfect and your life is like a movie. LOL. In the real world there are always things to be grateful for and appreciate of, along with things we would like to improve.
By taking time to slow life down, it allows us to sift through the happenings throughout a busy week, assess our thoughts, connect with our feelings (sounds gushy, but stick with me here) and become more aware, thoughtful, and intentional with how we choose to live our lives.

Step up to the plate, take a swing.

To sum things up, reflecting can be an important tool in your toolbox. Like a tool, sometimes you’ll find yourself using it a lot, or sometimes very little, it just depends on the job. Remember, the only way we acquire a new skill, habit, or routine is by doing. So don’t be afraid to swing the bat.

What did I miss? What works for you when reflecting? Stop by our community platform and let us know what you think.

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Until next time – be well!

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