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What is Spirituality?

What is spiritual wellness you might ask? Do you have to be religious to be spiritual? This post will dissect those questions and discuss how …

Wellness Blog

Health vs. Wellness

Health and wellness are often used interchangeably, but are they really the same thing? This post will break down the differences and make the case …


Reflecting for Happiness

Reflecting for Happiness Let’s talk about the power of reflecting on past experiences. We use reflecting, or drawing upon past experiences, each and every day. …


The Blind Climb

The Blind Climb This post has been written many times in my mind over the past few months. The “Blind Climb” is about my relentless …

Wellness Blog

Welcome to Wellness Definition

Welcome to Wellness Definition. Our purpose is to help you define and design you personal wellness.  In health and wellness, one size does not fit …

Coach Mike Paisley

Mike Paisley

Mike Paisley is the founder of Wellness Definition. His purpose in life is to help others define and strive toward their personal wellness definition. 

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