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We center everything we do around people. From our coaches to our clients, everything we do, aims to provide a personalized, world class experience.


Everyone is on this earth for a reason. Our mission is to help people discover their purpose through wellness coaching.


We strive for progress over perfection. We are forever growing, as we embrace the challenges and celebrate the triumphs alongside our clients and coaches.

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Wellness Definition is a coaching service that helps clearly identify your wellness goals and works with you to progress toward them. Our coaches help you create a personalized plan that aligns with your very own Wellness Definition!

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Coach Mike Paisley

Coach Mike is passionate about helping others reach their health and wellness goals. Starting off as a personal trainer and transitioning to wellness coaching, he has helped hundreds of clients over the past decade. He has a breadth of knowledge in wellness developed through a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness, working with hundreds of clients, and his personal journey. He looks forward to coaching you soon!

Mike Paisley


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