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It's our belief that community is the most important element in creating and sticking to a wellness routine.


Sometimes you need a boost to help get you started or keep you going! Our coaches are here to help.


Our online community aims to serve people their busy lifestyles by offering support anytime, anywhere.

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Wellness Definition is the “Do It Together” online wellness community where people connect, share ideas, and receive coaching. We provide an inclusive platform to help create simple, sustainable, wellness plans based on each member’s unique, Wellness Definition.

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Coach Mike Paisley

Coach Mike is passionate about helping others with their health and wellness goals. Starting off as a personal trainer and transitioning to wellness coaching, he has helped hundreds of people over the past decade. His breadth of knowledge in wellness developed through a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness, coaching clients, and his personal wellness journey. He looks forward to helping identify your unique Wellness Definition and coaching you toward it!

Mike Paisley


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